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The Wisconsin Building Movers Association was established in 1961 to ensure that members maintain credibility and ethical practices in regards to the building moving industry in the state of Wisconsin.  Furthermore, all members serve as representatives of the building moving industry. Most recently, the association played an instrumental role in the drafting of a bill for the state to regulate all building movers. (Senate Bill 480, which is now 2005 Wisconsin Act 250)


Wisconsin Department of Transportation
International Association of Structural Movers
House Moving Insurance Companies
  Maguire Agency

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Click here to view the current members/ board members of the Wisconsin Building Movers Association.  Our members are located throughout Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Building Movers Association is committed to ensuring its members are providing a safe and quality service to their customers while preserving Wisconsin's
architectural heritage and protecting customer investments.  The Association will accomplish this by offering an avenue whereby members can become more knowledgeable movers.
Benefits of House Moving

Recycling value According to the International Association of Structural Movers, house moving is the largest recycling industry in the world. 

Preserve history by moving historical buildings.

Add incredible amounts of value and usefulness to a home with a non-existent basement.

Relocate an existing structure to a new location in less crowded area.

Preserves tax base within the municipality if house is moved not demolished.

Hiring a House Moving Professional? 
Make certain to check the following...
  • Experience/References
  • Equipment
  • Insurance/Provider
  • Municipal officials from movers local area and proposed project location

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